Tuesday 21 March 2017

The Idea of You
Amanda Prowse

Happy Publication Day to Amanda Prowse with her new novel The Idea of You. I have a guest review by Julie Williams for you.


5* Release day 21/03/2017

This latest book by Amanda Prowse tackles the often unspoken subject of miscarriage with both sensitivity and realism. It is written from the heart and as usual Amanda has tugged at my heart strings. 

I read The Idea Of You very quickly as I was hooked from page one. The characters in this story are totally believable and created with compassion.

Lucy and Jonah Carpenter are delighted when Lucy discovers that she is pregnant but unfortunately it is not meant to be and she experiences a miscarriage and with more that follows Lucy just wants to know why this is happening to her and what she can do to prevent it happening again and again. With Lucy’s biological clock ticking as she is approaching 40 and with a demanding successful career, she becomes desperate to carry a baby to full term and bring home their child. 

This story is at times extremely emotional and painful to read as we discover the impact miscarriage can have on a family. Lucy’s journey to be a Mum is at times heart wrenching and not only has she to cope with her loss every month but also past secrets and a stroppy teenage step daughter.

Get a box of tissues ready and hang on to your hat as this story takes you on a roller coaster ride that stays with you. 

Thank you to Netgalley, Lake Union Publishing and Amanda for getting me approved for the ARC of this book.

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