Friday 8 July 2016

The Secret of Orchard Cottage 
Alex Brown

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Alex Brown has treated us to another visit to Tindledale with The Secret of Orchard Cottage. I love when authors revisit places and characters of their books and going back to this sleepy village with so many colourful and wholesome people does not disappoint.

This story sees April Wilson returning to Orchard Cottage where she spent her childhood summer holidays and is still home to her aging Great Aunt Edie. Feeling guilty as she has not visited for some time, she discovers the decline of Edie’s health and home and sets about fixing the grounds of the cottage. Edie’s memory slips from present to past causing much confusion and heartache,  April is determined to give her peace of mind and clarity before it’s too late by helping to solve the mystery of what happened to Edie’s sister Winnie Lovell.

April is also grieving for her beloved husband Gray but finds that spending time in Tindledale is a pleasant distraction. Her emotions are all over the place as two guys, Harvey and Matt, stir long lost feelings and cause her to think positively about her future.

As to who wins April’s heart you will just have to read and find out for yourself! I liked that this heart-warming book has both romance and mystery and hope that we will return to Tindledale again soon.

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