Monday 6 June 2016

The Flower Seller
Ellie Holmes
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Review by Julie Williams

All she wanted was a love she could BELIEVE IN.

Jessie Martin believes that when it comes to love there are three types of people: the skimmers, the bottom dwellers and the ones who dive for pearls.  Jessie is a pearl diver. She had thought her husband William was a pearl diver too. But when William leaves her for a younger woman, it’s not just Jessie’s heart that is broken, her ability to trust is shattered too.
Refusing to retire from the battlefield of life, Jessie resolves to put her heartache behind her. She doesn’t want to be that woman who was too scared to love again. There has to be another pearl diver out there; all she has to do is find him.
When fate brings handsome flower seller Owen Phillips into her life, Jessie believes he may be the one but is her fragile trust about to be shattered all over again?
The Flower Seller is a warm, engaging read about love, deceit, betrayal and hope.


Jessie and William Goode’s marriage has ended suddenly due to William’s adultery with a young hair dresser named Chelsea. A difficult time for both as they work in the same office as lawyers, William as an Equity Partner, Jess yet to attain a partnership role she so desperately wants. Jess hopes to achieve an amicable divorce settlement that ensures the family home, The Lodge, remains hers. However getting what is rightfully hers turns out to be a long stressful battle and this book tells of how bitter negotiations can be.

Jess’s good friend Anne encourages her to move on and to start socialising again, and after a few hiccups she agrees to go on a date with Owen the local, younger than her Flower Seller. I really enjoyed their relationship blossom as Jess tried to stop loving her husband. I had many laugh out loud moments as William was referred to as The Dickhead and Chelsea, The Tart. These lightened the serious parts of the book for me. I was hooked throughout as to whom if anyone was going to get a happy ever after. The Flower Seller is a lovely debut novel which deals with betrayal, love and heartache.

Many thanks to Ellie Holmes and JD Johnston of Brook Cottage Books for supplying the kindle version of the book  for an honest review. I will certainly be looking out for more from this author. 

About the Author

Ellie Holmes writes commercial women’s fiction and romantic suspense. She takes her inspiration from the beautiful Essex countryside and the sublime Cornish coast. The Flower Seller is Ellie’s first full-length novel.  Ellie is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and the Romantic Novelists’ Association.  To find out more please visit


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  1. Thank you to Julie Williams and Julie Boon for taking the time and trouble to read and review The Flower Seller. Thank you also for your lovely comments. All Mondays should start this way :)

  2. Beautiful cover for a book I thought was quite perfect too!

  3. Gorgeous cover, would love to win a copy of this