Wednesday 27 April 2016


Summer Nights at The Moonlight Hotel
Jane Costello


I have read every one of Jane Costello’s books and always eagerly await the publication of the next one and so as soon as I received a copy of this I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! I have read some of the author’s books whilst lounging on a sun bed and have had many laugh out loud moments, but just couldn’t wait that long to read this one!!

Lauren, Cate and Emily are friends who have lived in the Lake District all their lives. As much as they love living there, they are always trying to find things to do. So when a dance class starts up in the local hotel called The Moonlight Hotel, what could possibly go wrong!

Lauren is a teacher who longs to pack her bags and go backpacking around Australia, whilst fellow teacher Edwin (who Lauren has fancied forever) is secretly planning to teach in Singapore. Will Cupid fire his arrow in their direction?

The girls love their dance class, especially when some fit guys called Joe and Will turn up! Things start to get interesting!! Emily takes a shine to Joe and Cate and Will become more than just dance partners!! Little did they all know that things were about to take a downward turn when they find out that the Moonlight hotel is to be sold – and worse still, who the new owner is!!

There was a great mix of characters in this book and I can honestly say, I liked all of them for different reasons! It never failed to disappoint with the LOL moments and I might even put my neck out to say I think this is the author’s best novel yet!!

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT! Hurry up with the next one please Jane!

* * * * *

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