Tuesday 12 April 2016

Perfect Weddings
 Lynda Renham

Guest Review by Julie Williams

Happy publication day to Lynda Renham for her new novel Perfect Weddings! A big thank you to Julie W for guest reviewing this book. Isn't the cover fab?!

Amy Fisher, a mortician, is cruelly jilted at the church by the love of her life Greg Martin. As Greg doesn’t contact her she can only presume that the reason she was dumped is because of her weight. 

After an intense effort to lose weight with her friend Rosie, Amy comes out the other side with not only a ‘new ‘ body but also her dream career of a wedding planner and names the business Perfect Weddings  as she has now called herself Amy Perfect.

Business is booming as she has the reputation of being the best in her field that is until Amy is asked to plan Georgina Winter’s wedding whose groom just happens to be Amy’s ex Greg! 

Suddenly Amy’s usual organised, meticulous life is thrown into disarray as she tries to appease Georgie but at the same time this is one wedding she doesn’t want to be perfect.

Fun and frolics ensure more drama and laughs when new client Chardonnay requires Perfect Weddings services. She and her fiancé Gary are two characters that make this book shine. You will have to read the book to see how it all pans out and who gets their perfect weddings.

This book has it all, entertainment, laughter, love and even a sheik. Lynda Renham always produces books that make me laugh and Perfect Weddings did not disappoint. 

Many thanks Lynda for the ARC in return for an honest review.

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