Thursday 23 April 2015

Today I finally got to meet Carole Matthews!!!

The Cake Shop in the Garden is published in paperback today and so I went along to Russell Square in London as Carole Matthews was holding a launch party there........with cake!! I have always wanted to meet Carole since I first read It's A Kind of Magic in 2008 and so cheekily I took my copy along (which is very faded at the edges now!) and she very kindly signed it for me. As soon as Carole saw me she knew who I was from my many comments on Facebook and Twitter over the years and called out to me! 

There was a table full of lovely home made cakes and although I brought some cupcakes, alas I didn't make them as I can't bake for toffee!!

There was a wonderful garden made of "Cake" and this gorgeous flowerpot was made of chocolate and the wall was made of fruit bread and nutella!! very clever.........

And there was even a couple of extra special guests....................

Her Majesty proved to be a very popular guest!!

And then as if the day couldn't get any better.............

Rowan Coleman popped by! and as I am currently reading The Memory Book (I am on the last few pages and wanted to finish it on the way home!) I obviously had it in my bag and so she very kindly signed it for me and by that time I had got a serious case of Fan Girl and became quite emotional!!!

What a wonderful day and certainly one I won't forget in a hurry!!

The Cake Shop in the Garden is available in paperback from today. Go and get your copy NOW!!!

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