Thursday 23 July 2020

The Tuscan Contessa
Dinah Jeffries

Review by Julie Williams

It is just a coincidence that I decided to read this book that is set during WW2 in the region of Tuscany, when we should all have been celebrating 75 years since VE Day. I say should have as our nation is currently enveloped in the dreadful Coved 19 pandemic, which is also bringing heartache, fear and death to us all, much the same as I imagine those who lived through WW” experienced.

As I have come to expect with Dinah’s books the captivating atmosphere shines through  as the region of Tuscany is vividly narrated.

Sophia and her husband Lorenzo are Italian gentry but this doesn’t exclude them from the horrors of war so just like everyone else they play their part in not only surviving but also caring and bearing the loss and grief of others. 

I thought the women characters in this story to be bold and brave and at times ruthless as they protect their families, friends and country by assisting the Allies and the Partisans against the destructive murderous Germans. 

There are tense moments in this story with harrowing scenes of death and destruction but they are also combined with relationships and love. The clear message I found throughout is hope, hope that they would all come out the other side with loved ones still there to cherish. How ironic that as I write this review it is what I am hoping for….

My thanks to Julie for inviting me to guest review on her blog as she knows I am completely hooked on all Dinah Jefferies Novels.

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