Friday 15 May 2015

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I am over the moon that my very good friend and "Book Buddy" Julie Williams has finally given in to my nagging and pleading and written a guest post. I gave her a copy of The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop for Christmas as I know that she likes this author and below is her review. I am ashamed to say I haven't read any of Victoria's books but have had a copy of The Island for years on my bookshelf! I have promised Julie that I will take it on holiday this year! I will hand you over to Julie who I hope will be blogging more regularly from now on!!

The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop

I have known Julie for a few years now and always encouraged her into starting her own Blog page which I am so proud of her for doing this year. As 'payback' she has asked me to write my first guest review. I have chosen The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop as this book was a Christmas gift from Julie.

The book is centred on the island of Cyprus and The Sunrise is a luxurious hotel being built by Savvas Papacosta and his beautiful wife Aphrodite in the then tourist resort of Famagusta.

The story focuses on three families all with links to the hotels but have very different lives. In the beginning the conflict between the Turkish & Greeks is not forefront but this soon changes as the book progresses with heartbreaking consequences.

There is no 'happy ending' as such, how could there be when so many lives were effected during this awful time in Cypriot history.

It seems hard to understand what the people of Cyprus, both Greek and Turkish Cypriots endured but I feel Victoria Hislop depicts it with believable characters and stunning descriptions of the country.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Sunrise and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys history and romance. This is my third book by this author and after The Island it is my next favourite.

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