Tuesday 2 February 2021

Christmas for Beginners

Christmas for Beginners
Carole Matthews
My little old blog is 6 years old today and I am celebrating with a review by the lovely Carole Matthews, whose books I have loved for many years now. 

 This is a sequel to Happiness for Beginners and it follows the animal antics at Hope Farm which is run by Molly and her friend Bev. Molly loves the country life and when the original Hope Farm was being demolished to make way for a new rail link, her very rich actor boyfriend Shelby comes to the rescue and buys her a new farm which she is overjoyed at having.  

Molly also cares for Shelby's teenage son Lucas. He has anger problems (mainly involving his dad!), but loves living in the caravan on the farm with Molly. Shelby, in the meantime, is busy acting in a very famous soap and turns up to see them very sporadically! 

 Although Shelby bought the farm, Molly still has to keep it up and running and that includes helping to fund it and when they decide to hold a Christmas open day, it needs all hands to the pump to organise the event. 

Along comes handsome Matt, who happens to also be the local Mayor to help with the fundraising and also, it seems, a dab hand at farming! Will Molly get her head turned by Matt or will she wait for Shelby whose visits to the farm are becoming less frequent? 

 Lucas is a typical teenager, but you can tell his heart is in the right place, but he just can't seem to get close to his father, especially since the death of his beloved Mum. Molly seems to be the only one he can turn to in a crisis and he certainly has plenty of those in this second book! 

 This is another fabulous novel by Carole and I love the characters, so was really pleased that we were heading back to Hope Farm. I flew through this one and I would like to think we haven't heard the last of Molly and gang! 

 Thank you Carole for yet another great read and yes, I did laugh out loud when I read about the embarrassing alpacas at the Christmas open day!!

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