Saturday 25 April 2020

The Poor Relation
Susanna Bavin

I jumped at the chance to be a part of this blog tour as I love this authors writing. You can read my review below of yet another great historical fiction saga by the wonderful Susanna Bavin.


1908, Manchester. Mary Maitland is an attractive and intelligent young woman determined to strike out on her own and earn a living. Finding work at a women’s employment agency, her creative talent is soon noticed and Mary begins writing articles for newspapers and magazines.

But being of independent and progressive mind are troublesome traits when those you hold dear must constantly live up to the expectations of the well-to-do family to which they are linked. With increasing pressures from the powers that be, can Mary find the fine line between honouring her family and honouring herself?

Mary Maitland was born on the wrong side of the family tree, to parents known as the "poor relations".  Determined she doesn't want to end up the typical female of the Edwardian era and become a dutiful wife and mother, she leaves the job her father found for her at the Town Hall to begin a career in an employment agency, much to the horror of her parents.

It's not long before she starts writing newspaper articles, but as a woman even this comes with it's problems, especially when she mentions her writing to her father who will do anything not to bring anymore shame onto the family as he feels he has a lot to prove to the richer members of his family.

Mary has to overcome many hardships, but with her spirit, it wouldn't keep her down for long!

Too many characters in this one for me, but the attention to detail with the characters was very good because some you loved and some you loved to hate!

Thank you to the lovely author for her constant support and for writing such wonderful family sagas and to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour.

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